Reader Guide

Jax’s Big Adventure
By J. Lori Klimek

Whether you are a parent, student, or teacher: here are some discussion topics and questions to ask readers about the story. 

If the reader has not already seen the pictures, you can ask this question:
After reading page 1 before turning to page 2 & 3- what animal is Charli? How do you know?

  1. In Chapter 1, if you reread the first 2 pages, how does the author describe Charli?  Does the author state what kind of animal Charli is? What animals would fit Charli’s description? Do you think you would know what animal Charli was without any of the pictures?  How?
  2. What are some good descriptive words can you come up with that describe Jax? Have you ever seen or been around a ferret? 
  3. Why did Jax agree to go with Toby out of his yard?  Do you think he should have trusted Toby?
  4. Do you think Toby has a home or is a stray?  Why or why not?
  5. List all the characters in the book. Decide which ones, if any, should be included as a ‘Main Character besides Jax”.
  6. If you were Nick, what would you have done to try and find Jax?  
  7. After reading the book, which of the characters would best describe you and why?
  8. After reading the fun ferret facts, do you think a ferret would be a good pet for your home? Why or why not?
  9. Thinking like a scientist, what are some animal traits Jax has that helped him survive?
  10. List the animals Jax met in order. Then check the book to see if you get it correct.


Create a thinking map

  1. Circle Map- list characters
  2. Bubble Map- words to describe a character
  3. Tree Map- beginning, middle, end
  4. Bridge Map- character and trait
  5. Flow map—story details


© 2016 J. Lori Klimek