Meet Jax! He's mischievous, lovable,
and always up for an adventure.

Ferrets are such fun and unique pets that keep their owners on their toes and laughing at their silly antics. Jax's Big Adventure was inspired by a time that J. Lori Klimek's ferret, Jax, escaped and was missing for sixteen days. After his surprising and very welcome return, Lori would spark great story ideas by asking her kindergarten class "what do you think Jax did during his time away? Who did he meet? What dangers did he encounter?" As a teacher, she read many books to her students and was able to gauge what type of stories interested them the most. She felt inspired to write her own book when the students would constantly ask to have her tell a "Jax Story." She plans to write a series of "Jax" books.

“Jax’s Big Adventure is a terrific animal story for kids who love pets of any kind.”

—Dr. Valerie Hill
Texas Woman's University School of Library and Information Studies

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